Meeting my Soul – Part Two

The conversation continues

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Whether they be reasons or excuses, a few other interests, projects and distractions have kept me from my writing for a while. Tonight, I want to at least do my promised Part Two of Meeting my Soul, which has been sitting in rough form for a while.

In Part One, I related the first two of my Soul Journaling sessions. The concept and technique of these sessions was based on Elisa Romeo’s book, Meet Your Soul. I wanted to ponder on my 3-16-17 session before turning it into an article for this blog. I have pondered long enough, and I have decided that I will neither add to, nor subtract from, what I recorded initially. The statements and questions from my “normal” Ego self will be in normal text and the responses from my Soul (whose nickname is Dan) will be in italics:

3-16-17 Session

Dan – I reread the chapter in Elisa’s book about the Spirit and the Soul and the relationship between them. I was curious why she emphasizes the Soul and doesn’t say as much about the Spirit. I wanted to understand why she advocates a dialog with the Soul and not with the Spirit. After reading again, I am beginning to understand, but maybe not completely. Let me try to describe my understanding:

The Spirit communicates in a different way to my Ego self (the part that I am most aware of) and also to the Soul self. The messages from the Spirit are more like direct transfers of knowledge and understandings, and not like a conversation. The Spirit has a strong influence on me, but seems to just be part of my “nature.” You (the Soul) are part of my nature, too, but you and I also have the ability to converse. Elisa said something along the lines that the Soul is the most trustworthy guide, because the Soul is the best interpreter of the Spirit. She also said that my Ego self contains my analytical abilities. I think I am more analytical than many folks. Elisa said that the Spirit and the Soul work together. If I am understanding correctly, things work out best when the influences of the Ego, Spirit and Soul are all in balance and harmony.

Am I on the right track here? Does this make sense?

Yes, you have a good basic understanding. You have progressed a long way in a short time. You, the analytical engineer, are asking me, your touchy-feely, emotional and relational soul, about whether your theory makes sense? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) “Making sense” depends on who you ask, but since you asked me, it does make sense.

This morning, while in the shower, I had a small revelation. I had wondered why, even though I have not yet had much success with the meditations that Elisa recommended, I was able to jump right into this Soul Journaling exercise and seemed to have a good conversation going from the start. What I realized was that you and I have been doing this for years, but in a different way. I am frequently having mental conversations with a “voice” in my head. Much of my habitual “thinking” process involves conversations with that voice. Sometimes, I thought of that voice as my conscience. On a few rare occasions, I thought it might even be the Holy Spirit, though that usually did not seem like the right explanation. Now, it sure looks like that voice was you, my Soul. What say you?

Yes, we have been talking for most of your life. The differences are that you now understand better who the voice is, and that, in these journaling sessions, you are taking notes. You have been more connected with your soul than many people are. On the conscience thing, yes, that was me, too. One of my functions is to be your conscience. As I told you earlier, I have a connection to the Holy Spirit, and a part of Him does indeed live within me (and in you, in a general sense). The Holy Spirit instructs me sometimes. I interpret those instructions and pass them on to you. The reason it doesn’t feel like it’s direct from the Holy Spirit is that it’s not. Direct contact with the Holy Spirit is much too intense for you to handle at this point in your development.

I spend most evenings in my recliner in the living room, where my wife is also watching TV. She even keeps the TV on while she reads, alternating her attention between the two. I tend to ignore the TV and either read or “work” on my laptop computer. After having my hearing aids tuned up recently, it is harder to ignore the TV. That is likely the biggest problem with my feeble attempts at meditation so far. I need to go to another part of the house where it’s quieter and I can concentrate better. Maybe I’ll take the hearing aids out, too. I plan to make a better try this coming weekend at some of the meditation exercises. Will they do something more for me?

Some folks need the meditations in order to even get the conversation with their soul started. As you now have seen, you don’t need them for that purpose. There are other benefits and abilities that can be developed thorough some of the meditations. I would be wary of taking advice on meditations from just anybody, but Elisa’s recommendations seem sound. Give them a try.

We have had another good session. I think it’s time to call it a night, Dan.

Good night, Dennis.

I have not gotten back to Soul Journaling since the above session, though I have often thought I should. I have had some of those mental conversations more recently, but not with the journaling. I wanted to give it a rest for a bit and see if I still felt the same way about it. I still believe it was real and worthwhile.

Before reading Elisa’s book, I didn’t think this way, but I now believe there is some degree of autonomy between the different components of myself (or of my personality). In other words, my ego self, my spirit, and my soul do not march in lockstep with each other. The sayings “I am of two minds about this” or “part of me thinks this” may have more basis in reality than some of us might have thought. I do believe I should try harder to understand and know my soul.

While some folks cringe, and run in the other direction at the mere mention of the idea, I think it is interesting, and potentially fruitful, to explore our spiritual side. After all, we are not merely physical beings, we are spiritual beings as well!