Science, Religion and Creation

There should be no conflict

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Science and Religion need not be at odds. If we mortals had, and understood, God’s full truth, they would fit together perfectly. Science tries to explain the mechanisms (What and How) of the physical realm. There is a spiritual realm that is every bit as real as the physical realm. Mankind knows 3 spatial dimensions plus 1 time dimension. God’s universe includes other dimensions that man is not equipped to comprehend. Religion, if we knew and understood the full truth, would explain the Who and the Why of the spiritual realm and the connection between the spiritual and the physical. When you imagine Creation from God’s timeless point of view, the When becomes less important.

I think we agree that our wonderful universe was not created by a series of accidents and random mutations. Our Creator, and his assistant, Mother Nature (a figurative character representing the laws of the physical realm), used the materials, tools and methods at their disposal to achieve this marvelous work.

To even begin to elaborate on how Creation and Science really do fit together, I would need to write a very long article. There are books and websites out there that do that. Instead, I will let the above two paragraphs stand on their own, for now. I hope they will get you thinking, if you haven’t started already, about how far away mankind is from discerning the real truths of the universe. It amazes me, how unwilling most people are to consider, explore and discuss the important questions of life.

One of the resources that I am now exploring is the website: There is a lot of material there to sift through.

Subsequent to writing this article, I have read a very interesting book on this topic.  See my article Proof and Truth for details.

I thank God for our creation, and I look forward to learning much more of God’s truths in the afterlife.

Author: GrampaDennis

Semi-Retired Civil Engineer Have been searching for answers since 1947 Found a few, but looking for more

2 thoughts on “Science, Religion and Creation”

    1. Tonight, I skimmed a few parts of the Answers in Genesis website. I’ll read some more of it, because I think it is good to hear from multiple points of view on things like this. I’m of the opinion that the Genesis account is symbolic and vastly oversimplified. I can believe that it is true on a general and symbolic level, but not on a literal level. Regardless, I believe that God is who designed our Creation and caused it to happen.


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