What if God is a Myth?

Answering Mr. Skeptic’s question.


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In my imaginary debates with a skeptic, Mr. Skeptic says something like “What if God is only a myth?  What if there is no Heaven and no Hell and when you die, Poof-that’s the end of you?”  I’ll give my answers to those questions in this article.

If you remember, I said in my Who or What is God – Part I article that I would not be able to prove God’s existence to Mr. Skeptic’s satisfaction.  Ultimately, I had to choose to believe.  So, let’s go along with Mr. Skeptic’s premise for a bit and see where it takes us.

Remember the happy people I saw in the Bill Gaither music videos?  I hope you watched some of those videos too, so you know what I’m talking about. (See How I found the Happy People)  If God is a myth, let’s agree not to tell those folks, OK?  They are having a heck of a good time in their delusion.  It would be an absolute shame to spoil it for them!  If I have a choice between (a) living life as happy as they are while believing a myth, or (b) living in a sad reality with no hope of a better life in the hereafter, give me choice (a)!

If God is a myth, then Jesus must be a myth as well. Certainly much of what he said and taught would be false, if that were the case.  Jesus’ Great Commandments – the twin concepts of loving God (and He loving you) and the Golden Rule (Treat others as well as you would like to be treated yourself) would be undermined!  This is the basis of much of our morality that we are talking about here.  Wow, we’d better not let that secret get out! If it did, the moral structure of the Western World would rapidly decay.

If God is a myth, the very basis of the happiness of large segments of the population would be rendered invalid.

Reality Check!!!
The moral structure of the Western World, and especially the USA, is decaying before our very eyes.  Could the reasons be related to the facts that religious belief and moral teaching are being discouraged, or even banned, by the politically correct popular culture, and that a growing percentage of the population no longer believes?

So, if the afterlife (whether Heaven, Hell or someplace in between) is a myth, we have far less incentive to behave ourselves while we are alive, don’t we?  If I’m just going to go poof, with nothing left of me, when this earthly life is over, aren’t I better off to have lived in the myths of God and hope (even if false) of a better life in the Hereafter?

The Choice
You choose what you want to do, but as for me, I’m sticking with my belief that I have been adopted into my Father God’s family, which makes me a child of God and makes Jesus my amazing big brother.  If it’s all a myth, there’s still a lot of good, and no harm, that comes out of this choice.

If I am right, and God is real, I am right where I belong. Where will you be?


Author: GrampaDennis

Semi-Retired Civil Engineer Have been searching for answers since 1947 Found a few, but looking for more

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