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Welcome to my blog about the Secret of Happiness and the part that God plays in it.  Here is the list of Articles that I have posted so far.  Click on one to navigate to it.

How I found the happy people - Don't just take my word - look for yourself
The Secret to Happiness - It's simple, it's right, it works!
Who (or What) is God? – Part I - How I know God exists
A Pause for Some Fun! - Enjoy another Gaither music video
Who (or What) is God? – Part II - Speculating on what God is like
Obstacles - How I have dealt with them
Private Beliefs vs. the Great Commission - Should you keep your beliefs to yourself?
What if God is a Myth? - Answering Mr. Skeptic's question.
Other Religions - Live and let others live
What Does it Mean to Love God? - In important ways
How do you get to know God? - Start by introducing yourself
Is the New Testament True? - Can you believe the story of Jesus?
A Quiet Christian Speaks – Part Two - We should not keep silent
Messages from the Music - I hear them, do you?
A Quiet Christian Speaks – Part Three - Silence is a form of acceptance
A Quiet Christian Speaks – Part Four - Jesus will make things right
Science, Religion and Creation - There should be no conflict
Proof and Truth - More thoughts on Science, Religion and Creation
Body and Soul - As Landlord and Tenant
Meeting my Soul – Part One - Getting to know my best friend
Meeting my Soul – Part Two - The conversation continues
A Lesson From the Bear - How does Mama Bear know what to do?

Author: GrampaDennis

Semi-Retired Civil Engineer Have been searching for answers since 1947 Found a few, but looking for more