The Secret to Happiness

It’s simple, it’s right, it works!


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The Bill Gaither music videos have helped me to put it together.  The pieces have been in front of me for years, but I haven’t assembled them in the right way until recently.

Watching the Gaither music videos, I have been impressed by how happy everybody is. Indeed, they are the happiest group of people I have ever encountered!  These folks are the real deal.  They really believe in what they are singing about.  There ain’t no phony religion here!  They really know how to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” (Psalm 100)

Here are three concepts that, in my humble opinion, form the basis for the happiness that we see in the Gaither videos:

  1. The more love you give, the more love you get. This idea not only applies to human relationships, but also to our relationship with God.
    When I speak of God generally in this essay, I am also talking about Jesus. After all, Jesus said “Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me…” (John 14:11)
  2. Jesus gave us the following two commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:36-40)
    I have always wholeheartedly believed in the second of these commandments, but I had a little difficulty with the first. Somehow, I thought it was selfish of God to require that one. You don’t command somebody to love you.  Love doesn’t work that way.  Watching the Gaither videos, I had an epiphany.  When you combine the first of Jesus’ two commandments with Concept 1 above, it suddenly makes more sense to me!   That community of gospel singers in the Gaither videos is an excellent example of these concepts at work.
  3. As I child, I remember singing a song in Bible School about Jesus and Others and You being the formula for JOY!  That is the right order of things. Like most folks, I don’t live up to that ideal to the extent I should.  I do remind myself of it often, and I do try hard to be considerate of others.

Let’s put it another way:
To be truly happy, you need to love God (not just a little, but a lot!), you need to follow the Golden Rule (Treat others as well as you would like to be treated yourself), and you need to put God (or Jesus) first, others next, then yourself.
This is the Secret to Happiness.  It’s simple, it’s right as rain, and it works!

When I first wrote about the concepts above, I overlooked (or took for granted) a prerequisite – something that you need before they can really work for you. You need to know God. By knowing God, I mean something more than just believing He exists. Based on who they are, and what they do, I believe that the vast majority (if not all) of the happy folks in the Gaither music videos know God. I plan to add another article on what it means to know God.

Here are some other thoughts to expand on the idea:

  • When you are high on God’s love, you don’t need recreational drugs!
    I would venture that the people on the videos are happier, and feel better, than anyone who takes drugs for a high, or to “feel good.”  They don’t have guilt or withdrawal symptoms afterwards, either.  God’s love is free.  You don’t have to steal from your neighbors to support your habit!
  • I’ll have some of what they are having! (Line adapted from the movie “When Harry met Sally” 1989)
    Well, I have some of it already, but I crave more.  I guess I’m getting addicted.  What a combination – Southern Gospel music, Country Gospel Music and Bluegrass Gospel Music, being performed and enjoyed by a believing community of some of the best gospel musicians anywhere!  When I listen to this stuff, I’m as close to Heaven as I have ever been!

When I first started to write on this topic, I wanted to do it without referencing the Bible.  This stems from being turned off by people who were trying to sell me religion while quoting the Bible as the absolute authority.  This does not work well when you are trying to convince someone (like I was at the time) who does not accept the Bible as a dependable source.  I plan to write more about this in a later blog.  I’ll try to keep my “Bible thumping” to a minimum.  However it’s hard to talk about Jesus Christ, and especially the things He taught and said, without referring to the Bible.  Let’s face it, the Bible is the best source we have for information about Jesus.  Whenever I quote the Bible, I will cite the Book, Chapter and verses.

In future articles, I plan to talk about what God is, what it means to love God, and my ideas on how this relates to organized religion and church.  Some of my ideas are a little unconventional.  There are many houses of worship where I would get thrown out as a heretic.  Come to think of it, wasn’t that part of the problem that Jesus had, that led to the authorities nailing him up to a cross?  I guess I’m in pretty good company, after all!

Author: GrampaDennis

Semi-Retired Civil Engineer Have been searching for answers since 1947 Found a few, but looking for more

22 thoughts on “The Secret to Happiness”

  1. Dear Dennis how wonderful to read of your journey. How absolutely wonderful too to know that so many of our classmates are lovers of Christ and truly find peace and happiness in knowing and trusting Him. You have a real gift of communicating through the written word
    I am looking forward to your blogs! Christine

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christine – as you know I’m just getting this thing started up. I’m so pleased that you were the first to leave a comment, and that you gave me such nice feedback! For years, I’ve thought I had a book in me. I have made a couple of feeble attempts before to start. Now, I have the snowball rolling. If my series of articles works out, maybe it will become a book one day.


  3. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you
    an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
    Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it
    improve over time.


    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Your comment ended up in Spam somehow and I just found it tonight. The Contact link is in the upper right corner of each of my pages. It worked when I tested it. I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. Your comment went into Spam somehow. I’m pleased that my words struck a chord with you. Of course there are other ways that some folks get their happiness, but this is one of the very best! I thank God for the music and the people that helped introduce me to it!


    1. Thank you, Kiersten, but I can’t really take the credit. These are music videos on YouTube that come from Bill and Gloria Gaither’s organization and Vevo. If you like this music even a fraction as much as I do, you should log in to YouTube and subscribe to GaitherVevo. In their area, click on Playlists. You will be treated to dozens of categorized playlists that each have from 30 to 150 songs.
      Late in the evening, when I’m too tired to read, this music refreshes my soul.
      May God bless you, guide you and protect you.


  4. Hi Dennis I appreciated what you said about how you came to an understanding of God’s command to love Him and realizing it was not just God being selfish. I also struggled with this until I realized that God’s command to love Him is Him wanting the best for us. He knows that if we love anything more than Him it will cause pain, frustration, grief and ultimately lead to death and eternal separation from Him. I also think that an important distinction to make is that while He does command us to love Him, He does not force us to love Him. That is important, as love by its very nature allows for a choice. If you are forced to love than it is not really love. All through the Bible you see that choice given and the results in the life of people for those who choose to love God and those who choose to reject God. I am enjoying reading your blog and the way you explore these topics. Grace & Peace


  5. Wonderful article! That is the kind of information that should be shared across the internet.
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    Come on over and seek advice from my site . Thank you =)

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    1. The English translation of the comment is: The conversation coincides with the first publication of Bach’s book on Philosophy of Health, Build Yourself.
      If I am understanding correctly, the commenter is saying that my article makes similar points to Bach’s book.
      Thanks for the nice comment. Gracias por el lindo comentario.


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